The Hunt

We've become better people but not better humans.


The Moment

The moment I made the decision, I regretted it. It was only natural that I did. If I were writing a book, I'd have given you a long build-up, a chapter dedicated to how I came to the moment at which I had decided that a gap year was a must. But this is a blog and you'll be bored soon, might need to scroll through your newsfeed or look at a new Instagram post of your favourite celebrity. So I am not going to waste your time and mine.

The Decision

The choice to take a year off, smack bam in the middle of a full year of studies, my Master's degree nonetheless wasn't easy or even pre-empted. But it was a decision I had to make when I was pushed to the brink of my patience. Some would call me crazy for doing that.  You must be wondering, a blog should start with an introduction of sorts. But I have never been one for introductions. In fact, I am very bad at them. I am not trying to be arrogant. My name won't matter to you unless I have met you and if I have and you're close enough, you can recognise me from the first sentence.