My Story

Hi there!

I am Sahitya Poonacha, terrible at introducing myself but will attempt to do so in this short introduction. I am 23 years old, and my passions are writing and reading. I hail from a small hill station in India but have spent my entire life in a metropolitan city. My name incidentally means ‘Literature’ in Sanskrit. Aptly named, I fell in love with all sorts of literature until I decided to make that my life. I am pursuing Journalism as my career and am a poetry enthusiast as well. Outside of all things literature, I love food, both eating and cooking food.

For the first time, I am writing about myself under my own name and not a pseudonym. I have come out of my anonymity and you may scrutinise me as you please. If you want to read some of my not-so-personal writing, I have added some links down below, feel free to check them out!

That’s enough about me. Now coming to why I am writing this blog, I decided to take a gap year during my Master’s to get better with my mental health, therefore the title – ‘The Untimely Gap Year’. This is where I follow my journey through life. Somewhere between the doctor’s visits and the medication, I needed this telling or this ranting. I have been writing this blog for the past year and it has been extremely rewarding. I can say it’s been special, the gap year taught me a lot, and now I have the rest of my life to live and learn from!

I will be candid, introspective and sometimes dramatic. It’s my own way of navigating my depression. Hopefully, you’ll relate and if not you’ll at least understand. It might not be as impactful as Deepika Padukone’s but it’s my story and I guess that’s what counts. Wish me luck!

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