The Hunt

History tells us that hunting is an important activity central to the lives of humans. We’ve hunted for food, for fun, hunting we’ve learnt in school was important for survival. Now with PETA and an evolved conscience the hunts for other creatures has reduced. But hunting still exists.

The hunt has turned into the hunt for other things, more materialistic and also aspirational. The difficulty of the hunt hasn’t reduced. There’s a lot of waiting and then there’s a short window to make your catch, but miss a moment and it’s gone. Those who’ve watched National Geographic religiously will understand.

Now as I hunt for jobs, I feel like the caveman looking for his kill. I am enrolled on every job site, I am putting all my feelers out looking for a job that’ll fit. But, it’s a long wait. I never assumed it would be easy, but this is more frustrating than difficult. I am still waiting to spot an opportunity. Even the prey that come close I scare off. So really the success rate here is in the negative.

I have not been on this hunt before. I am not sure if I can handle what the situation throws at me. I faulter when the kill comes close. I don’t really have that much preparation. This is what happens when you spend half your life just stydying, you build your expectation based on someone else’s experiences. My parents are supportive but they can’t do much except give me a vote of confidence.

Like all other hunts this requires you to be sure, there’s no room for doubt. Your prey can smell your indecision. Somehow the hunt is an instinct. All I am doing is relying on my instinct because I started by applying my rationality but a lot of it depends on intuition. I was told the first one is always hard.

We humans keep believing this idea that we’ve come a long way, but we just repackage what our ancestors did and sell it as brand new. Now that we’ve run out of creatures to catch we’ve moved to human beings. This food chain comes to us under different names, putting a wolf in sheep skin doesn’t make it a sheep, does it? That’s what we’re doing.

Life doesn’t come to us on a silver plate, we all have to make diamonds out of the coal handed to us. There are always sub-plots in our life, because the hunt happens alongside life. My grandmother has come to stay with us. For me this is a huge change. As a child in a nuclear family in the city I haven’t had the pleasure of having my grandparents living with us. Now it’s surreal but I am happy I’ve at least got the opportunity to witness these emotions.

I see people settling into life, and we all have our rites of passage. My hunt is different from theirs. But until I make my first kill, I can’t prove I am an adult. We’ve had these sort of rites forever, we just feel like they disappeared. I think about this because I am looking back and forward at the same time. So everyday I wake up with the hope that today I will find the next catch, but I just keep waiting.

My parents always tell me that if they could do it then even I can. I don’t question that I can’t but I question when. How long will it take, how many mistakes will it take, how much planning and how many attempts? As teenagers we look at adulthood like a dream, now I see it as reality, not a dream but luckily not a nightmare.

History always warned us, but we being the way we are always ignore the signs. That’s why we make the same mistakes again and again or we make new mistakes that we’ll make again and again. I lurk like a predator on job sites, pouncing on unsuspecting openings. As I repeat the process I witness my own standards dropping. Reality makes us bend low to get what we want.

We’ve become better people but not better humans. We still parade around successful hunters as examples, we still teach our children how to hunt through these examples. Why do you think we go to school? We teach them how to hunt different prey, each one built to hunt a different prey according to their skillset. In college we choose our weapons of choice and learn to weild them. After which we’re sent out on our own, each looking out for themselves, and our parents wait for us to come home and will compare who caught the better prey faster.

These lofty standards, words help mask the meaning of such processes. We are fooled by language. So in this one life we see so much, we just don’t see what’s right in front of us. We follow everybody else making choices based on their decisions, determining our happiness based on theirs. Do we follow the arrows pointing to the Sun? We will follow them when someone goes there first, even if we know how. That is the hunt, the hunt for assurance, a hunt for validation, not entirely for ourselves. Happy hunting!


3 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Happy hunting for a job. Hats off to “God” for making every living thing a hunter. Don’t know why humans are made greedy hunters without any limit on greed. I think,that makes hunting for a job as well as getting hunted for a job very interesting! Keep writing.


  2. Cathy Cade says:

    Don’t start by going after big game. Smaller kills give you the confidence to raise your sights and the experience to aim straight.
    To further mix my metaphors… start by fishing for small fry. In time, you’ll catch the attention of the bigger fish.

    Liked by 1 person

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