There are many who believe in ‘auras’ or ‘energies’, what millennials would call ‘vibes’. We often talk about negative and positive energy like we know what it means, you get a ‘feeling’ about a person, in fact, we can tell so much about people just by looking at them. We call it ‘people watching’, basically a lonely person or group of people sit and judge people, based on biases, conventions and stereotypes, so basically anything that isn’t legitimate evidence.

I love doing it too. Don’t worry I am not campaigning to say you shouldn’t do it, of course, if the other person doesn’t know and if they come to know you’re not going to be a jerk about it then go straight ahead. I was told recently I have to surround myself with people who have a good ‘aura’, more than sounding pretentious, it made me wonder, how do I who has the aura of an angry grey cloud on a good day manage to find people with good auras?

At best, I’ll manage to find a person with a neutral aura. Also, what is an ‘aura’, it can’t be the glowing halo or colours you see floating around people like they show in movies. The only auras I believe in is body odour and facial expressions. Is it like those pictures through devices that capture images through temperatures, red and yellow for hot and blue for cold?

Honestly, I asked this person why I must make the effort, and they said that the positive aura would rub off on me and I’d become positive. Now, there’s a fatal flaw in that plan, what if I rub off on them? Then what, we just sit around in the dark waiting for the world to end in a big existential, pity party? What then?

I understand that your company makes a difference to your personality and your decisions but your energy changing that’s a whole new concept. It’s one thing to be perceptive and believe in your gut feeling and it’s another to believe that you have a superpower of being a great judge of character, to the extent that you can tell if someone is good or bad just by how that person looks to you on a random street.

My therapist talks to me about energies and usually, I go along with it because I think she knows what she’s talking about. Yes I agree that some people are just bad for your emotional wellbeing, they just bring a bad mood with them when they enter the room. But there’s usually a trial period before you decide that. Sometimes it takes years to identify a person who’s bad for you. If we all just went by gut feeling our world leaders would be chocolate and coffee because they give us a good feeling.

I find it fascinating when people who’ve just met me say, “You just give off this vibe you know, this chilled out vibe,” And nod at me like they hit the mark about me and in my head, I am just like, “Do tell.” I am anything but chilled out, and I get it, they’re striking conversation and trying to be polite. I’m just questioning the confidence with which they assert that estimate on you.

Sometimes I try it too, but it just sounds like a lie when I do so I try using facts as compliments. I hate this word, ‘feel’ when used with regard to people, as a description, it just seems like an easy way out, you can be wrong or right and they can’t pin it on you. It’s like a lawyer’s approach to cases, diplomatic.

People’s auras are what they want it to be. People look and present themselves a certain way so you get to see them like that. Even when they choose to show their real selves it’s a choice, whether it’s subconscious or conscious it’s still a choice. What you deduce as energy, is what they project at that moment. Anything more, is your expectation of who they should be.

I think the concept of an ‘aura’ is great, it’s very compelling. I want to believe I have a good aura, and maybe I need more positive people around me, but I don’t think it’s about aura, I think it’s about people who choose to be real with me. People who subconsciously or consciously choose to be themselves with me and people around whom I can be an angry cloud around without any inhibitions. It’s that simple.


3 thoughts on “Aura

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Very interesting question.”how do I who has the aura of an angry grey cloud on a good day manage to find people with good auras?” Till we know, rationally, why people behave the way they behave, it is better not to form, counsel, sell or force beliefs based on behaviours or their aura.

    Loving oneself unconditionally for what we are and loving others responsibly is a simple way to enjoy life and all its dark sides! I may be wrong. But that is all I do!


  2. Cathy Cade says:

    It’s accepted that people take a liking to those who feed back to them… themselves – their aura, if you like. Con artists use this by subtly mimicking expressions or words or opinions to get you on side. It works in good ways too. If you are with a positive person, their positivity rubs off on you and you go away feeling more positive about life. When I was once in a bad place, I kept it from everyone and stayed composed even with the one person who knew my problem. But when I did tell someone else, she sympathised with me, I broke down in tears. And sometimes that’s what you need. Interacting with others is a two-way process; you have to receive as well as give. I think that’s something more proactive than aura.

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