We live in a world obsessed with conflict. I think we go searching for it. Right now there’s turmoil, two countries that have historically been at loggerheads allowed things to go farther than either country anticipated. You know which two countries I am talking about, India and its neighbour Pakistan.

History stands like a tall, swaying house of cards leading to this delicate relationship that’s held together by nothing except hope. A lot of people believe that war is the answer, some people see it as inevitable. I don’t see it as either because as history suggests, things cannot come to that. What’s been built on such a lofty foundation is everything at stake here.

I suppose the government finds itself precariously positioned on the precipice of conflict and elections. I watched things unfold from so far away, but the fear felt just as real, the fear of things getting out of hand, of political madness and social media warriors jumping on the bandwagon.

I suppose I’ll soon be a part of that bunch. I write about this not simply because I feel like adding to the vast body of views out there. I am also not writing this in outrage, in fact, my personal stake in this is simply that I am a responsible Indian citizen on the right side of the law, that’s it.

I am such a small cog in this huge, giant wheel called the nation. But I feel fear too, I breathe the same air, I have a home which I call my country so I care. In a way we are responsible for diverting the attention from the matter at hand to trivialities, the ‘he said she said’ game the media thoroughly enjoys. But the audience too must grow up, especially those of us who think. Instead of blowing things out of proportion responding to every comment and every word, just take a minute, a deep breath and keep quiet.

On the matter of the conflict, at this point, the media has been helpful in telling me nothing except that the situation is bad and that there is no resolution. I don’t know why or how I only have answers to what and who. Those are not answers, milking stories for what they’re worth might be great for ratings, but not for those of us who want to know reality.

I suppose for politicians it’s just another opportunity to take a jibe at each other, they go out and start new fires that burn on social media, that comes out in the form of hate speech and violence. It’s disappointing, and perhaps sitting here in the first world, it seems almost silly. Maybe if I were in India right now I’d feel differently about this.

I think silence is better than empty noise, but I write this in the hope that at least one person might read it, today or ten years down the line. I don’t see this as entertainment but that’s what we’re reducing it to. The real world is scary and unforgiving, the virtual world gives you the illusion of safety for you to say whatever you want.

You think you know how easy someone’s job is, whether it’s the politician’s or the soldier’s until you’re one of them yourself. You think you know, you think you know better, and you think you’d be different if you were in their place. The only difference between you and them right now is that your mistakes will cost nothing and theirs can cost lives that are not just their own.


One thought on “Peace

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    I amazed by the peace expressed in your article without taking sides. I am sure you remember what Tolstoy tells in his book, War and Peace.
    “The combination of causes of phenomena is beyond the grasp of the human intellect. But the impulse to seek causes is innate in the soul of man. And the human intellect, with no inkling of the immense variety and complexity of circumstances conditioning a phenomenon, any one of which may be separately conceived of as the cause of it, snatches at the first and most easily understood approximation, and says here is the cause.” Keep writing more.


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