The line between sanity and insanity is invisible and intangible. We’ve created it, we’ve defended it, justified it, we’ve dedicated our lives to it. Avoiding insanity, afraid like waiting for God to deny us an entry into heaven. Insanity and sin, get linked, dissolving self and creating a surreal but dark story out of our souls. Sanity is but a costume, it’s a fashion and it allows a wolf to live among sheep.

Over time sanity has been studied. It has mutated to try and become all-inclusive. But sanity slowly fades, and with it our support systems too. Sanity was always a utopia we’ve been pursuing like lost treasure, deeming our children worthy of it, resting the task of finding sanity for themselves without you when they come of age. We’ve saved a spot on our walls for the prize of sanity, that we can one day keep in a museum.

Let’s be sombre today because I’ve been reading. Every day we come closer to realising that world, that futuristic dystopian world and every day we turn the simple into the complex. In it we try to weave the dialogue of sanity, we want to justify our insanity by arguing that it is in fact sane. We all know sanity and insanity are the same, but we want it to be different. 

What we defined as sanity doesn’t apply and what we define as insanity is just our judgement, it’s only prejudice and ignorance. It’s the “sane” we need to worry about, who continue to exclude themselves, drifting like islands on the ocean, keeping civilisation out, wanting their quiet worlds, slowly running out of time with their paranoia for their company.

I don’t mean to be dark, but I’ve been playing this game of observation. Twisted news appears in front of me – people dying, killing each other, setting rules undefined and fighting over trivialities. Dystopia is exactly what we think it is. We’re so afraid of insanity we drive ourselves insane. 

Doesn’t the news every day bother you? Doesn’t it worry you that there are people living lives we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies? Doesn’t it seem almost frightening that we are slowly creating gas chambers on the planet? We’re messing around with the body and mind, we’re sucked into a virtual world. Our lives don’t play out in the tangible world, our bloodstreams are wires, tangled and twisted.

Our minds don’t need the body anymore and we talk about sanity as if it exists. We continue to set the horizons farther, moving farther and farther away from what once seemed like the limit. It’s a beautifully ruptured world. We’re evolving. We look into the mirror that was once supposed to show us the reflection, but we’re trying to change the reflection in the mirror, hoping to convince ourselves that our reality has changed. 

I call it beautiful because it is. This is what this is, this amazingly disproportionate world constantly seeking proportions. We know what we believe and what we pretend to believe. Who knows what will emerge from the ashes of the phoenix, perhaps a peacock tomorrow? Our rainbows will be neon one day, and our mountains will have elevators, our sunsets will last all day long, and our nights won’t need to end. 

We follow the rules of sanity, like casting a spell, hoping to ward off insanity. We stick to the pavements, we walk on straight lines following maps and following the band of people in this factory of life churning out sane people like dolls in boxes. But the insanity runs the show, controlling our sanity, warping sanity, coming out in conflicts, hiding and following us in our shadows, appearing in our nightmares and dreams, in the calamities and unexplainable happenings, in deviations reminding us it exists.

We pray to keep it away, we fear it but we know it. We enjoy it, we partake in it and use it, like forbidden fruit. Sanity and insanity don’t matter, it’s us. Let’s escape the kaleidoscope. I feel drained with the news, I am curious of the future. But as sanity emerges as a product in the market it makes me doubt everything. Perhaps one day we will know. For now we can purchase sanity, but what happens when we run out of it? 


One thought on “Sanity

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Interesting thoughts. The way we try to separate one idea from the other and fail miserably is interesting and humble aspect of human life. What to do as individuals then becomes an interesting question. Should I guide/misguide self and the world in ways which appeals to rational/irrational part of my brain?


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