On the road

I got out of the house, on a little trip. A trip to a place so familiar, my second home, Coorg. The hills always call and if you hear carefully to the city winds, you will know the hills are calling you.

There are few places on earth that make you feel like you were always meant to be there. There’s no need to fit in because you already do and that’s how I feel whenever I come back to my hometown.

I suppose it’s in my blood. Forgive any mistakes, because it’s hard to find Wi-fi and read while travelling. It’s a relief. Between travelling and my work, there is no time for thoughts. You just keep going. It’s been hard to get time, this year is coming to an end and I’m going to have to figure out a new routine that is sustainable. The transition will take time, and I hope you who have been through the year reading my blog as I write it can bear with me trying to find my bearings once more.

Highway scenes

Sometimes it’s nice to forget that the world has problems, that people are fighting and power is everybody’s dream. It’s nice to feel human.

Everybody and every place have flaws like portholes on the roads we travel on. It’s important to remember that those roads lead to somewhere beautiful. If paradise had a carpet rolled out at its doorstep it wouldn’t be worth it

Places come with authenticity. Many a time when we go, we don’t have time to make our meals and after many trips, we found a quaint place with authenticity. They’re getting it right at Cuisine Papera. As someone who looks for spice, this easily serves the purpose.

For those who want to visit Coorg, if you’d like any suggestions or recommendations don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t go after billboards and please don’t trust the internet.

What I like is I can switch off when I come here. I am writing this blog as I wait for the food to arrive because I don’t know when I’ll have the internet again.

There’s a way to keep your life going while on the go, you don’t have to miss out but take up every opportunity. Every trip has its anxieties, but it’s organic. When I see people sitting in the back of a truck or tripling on one bike wearing sunglasses in the fog I realise it’s about the journey and the people you’re with.

It seems like the ideal way to bring 2018 to a close. My parents’ childhood makes for my memories too. Some of the stories are surreal straight out of timeless books. The things they grew up with, what brings smiles to their faces. They didn’t need Netflix in boredom. They mostly had things to do.

Now as the road becomes wider the place becomes more urban, “development” comes at a cost and with its tight grip pushes the hills into a corner. And as we drive through the hills it becomes evident that man stands no chance against nature. Parts of hills have slid off during the horrific floods this year. The people continue to live left with little choice, for some that was all they had.

Coming back to the place, I know once I am sitting in the lap of nature wondering what’s happening to civilisation, I still need to work but it’s just slightly less stressful. It’s a winter with a golden tinge here, where the sun compliments the leaves. No Instagram filter is needed in this lighting.

Location: Cuisine Papera, Gonnikopal

I hope I can keep coming back. I grew up slowly and realised my roots ran deeper than I thought. You can rediscover yourself, it is possible I can assure you. Hope you have a good weekend. The food is here and I can’t wait! See you on the other side of the weekend.

Traditional pork roast at Cuisine Papera


One thought on “On the road

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Travelling and enjoying nature with nothing to worry about would be great fun. Do keep going back to Coorg more often. I liked your description, “It’s a winter with a golden tinge here, where the sun compliments the leaves. No Instagram filter is needed in this lighting.” Enjoy reading your posts.


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