People, people everywhere!

It’s the festive season. But work and studies make it seem like any other time of year. I’m making it exciting for myself in my own way. So I am a bit all over the place, I feel like I am in two places at once. I love how the festive season comes with flash sales online with huge discounts. So I am purchasing all the gifts I have to give this year, now. It’s an infectious time when people seem to come alive. Festivals have that effect on people.

Going to the mall though was a bad idea though, it was a sea of people, everywhere. As someone who prefers empty spaces, I felt like I was trapped. Every store, every food stall, every single space including the road was occupied. It explained very clearly why India has one of the largest populations in the world. It’s that time of the year when everyone has free time and need to get out.

It’s curious to me how the malls have gotten larger to accommodate more people but still can’t combat the population numbers of a metropolitan city in India. I thought the mall will be a break from home. I am doing four different things in a day with the same intensity, I’ve juggled life in the past and I really thought this weekend would provide a cushion to my rather jumbled up week.

India’s #MeToo movement has emotionally exhausted me, and I can’t deal with the fact that so many people have had to deal with so much. All in all this week has been a roller coaster ride, not that any of the coming weeks will get any easier. People go out to rejuvenate and relax, it’s not like that for me. Whenever I go out I come back more tired than I was when I left. I think if it weren’t for the traffic and the crowd outings would be bearable.

I made some bad shopping choices, being none the wiser and regretted something I bought. When I shop I usually buy the first thing that fulfils my purpose, but then when I go to the next shop and find a better version of the thing I bought I regret my purchase. I come home and try and console myself that I did the best I could. We all know there are some things we are good at and some things we just don’t get right, for me I never do shopping right. It’s mostly because I lack patience.

Today it seemed like the whole city was out and I couldn’t handle it. My criteria for shopping went from tasteful to wherever the queues were shorter. Worse was finding a place to get a snack, there was no place to sit and where there was space, the food cost more than all the four meals I eat in one day. Instead, we settled for a cup of coffee and I had an ice cream, we got complimentary cookies, which was the cutest marketing strategy ever.

It was a challenge eating that ice cream, at one point my scoop of ice cream nearly slid off the cone. I don’t think I have ever been more terrified in my life than at that moment. My priorities need some reconsideration. As someone who suffers from motion sickness, traffic and the pollution are my worst enemies. I know it makes me sound like a snob, but I really wish we had a lower population. I really do. It’s rich coming from me whose Dad has six sisters and whose Mum has four siblings.

Today, was exhausting, to say the least, I set off to get a file and came back with a file, a coat and a scarf, it’s evidence of my straying from the planned agenda. My Mum enjoys perfumes, I prefer smelling the coffee beans to the actual perfumes. After a while, I couldn’t identify any difference between the scents. If I were the one picking a perfume I’d just go with the prettiest bottle. My Mum thankfully is a lot more nuanced in the art of selecting perfumes. I am happy with a simple deodorant.

But people do love shopping, they don’t seem to mind filling their baskets to the brim and spending hours choosing and trying out things. It makes me feel like I am not doing justice to my shopping. Shopping is expensive, I’m glad the purchasing power of the urban population is increasing, but it’s scary too. Perhaps that’s my middle-class mindset, but my parents always went shopping on a need-to basis. We’d pick items carefully and would think twice before choosing anything.

I think books were the only thing my parents never hesitated to spend money on, it’s only thanks to them that I buy books recklessly, sometimes in dozens. But my Dad is the same way. So maybe I get why clothes mean something to people like what books mean to me. It’s just a combination of personal taste and experiences. I won’t judge.

I learnt something today, that India’s population is no joke and never to go to a mall ever during a festival, it would be wiser to visit a temple, where there’ll be fewer people there and where blessings, parking and food would be free.


One thought on “People, people everywhere!

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    You are very kind. I share your thought. “India’s #MeToo movement has emotionally exhausted me, and I can’t deal with the fact that so many people have had to deal with so much.” The more and more we read about sufferings of people for no fault on their part in the hands of other people in the past as well as in the present is shocking. They will definitely get punished in various ways for their acts throughout their lives. Hope better sense prevails over humans in the future!

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