Barely awake

I barely woke up this morning to meet a deadline. At eleven I still felt like I could go back to sleep. I set five alarms last night so as to wake up early. I have never been so irritated by my phone in my life. I felt like throwing it at the wall. For one it’s a Saturday morning, and second I slept past twelve the previous night because it was a Friday night. The anger towards my phone in my mind is therefore justified. Luckily I didn’t throw it, just violently shut it off pulled the blanket over my head and continued to sleep in defiance.

It didn’t help that the weather was damp and cloudy, it was the most soporific morning. Therefore a cup of coffee and music was my only remedy. I finished meeting the deadline then I tried to read until my eyelids began shutting of their own accord so I wasn’t left with much to do. I really thought today would be a fast-paced and demanding day but I was wrong. I wasn’t really sure how I’d salvage the rest of the day because the trajectory didn’t look too motivating. It’s one of those days when even flexing a toe seems like so much effort. Food to doesn’t inspire enthusiasm.

What really bothered me though was the fact that the Wi-Fi for some reason encountered issues and that really got to me. Thanks to facilities like Netflix and Amazon Prime my viewing experience has become much more demanding. I want to watch things at a stretch and I want the latest stuff. Cable TV is stale in comparison, movies that are months old are premiering now. What I definitely don’t miss about Cable TV are the ads though. Ads are my pet peeve, it really disrupts what you’re watching. Not to mention episodes of a TV series release one per day and those that are available for binge-watching are the really old ones.

All you’re left with are music and news channels. Which is fine, because the music channels become your alternative for YouTube when the router is facing issues. The news channels though are a drag. I watched the parliamentary session for half-an-hour and I never felt so drowsy in my life. My eyelids have never had to fight gravity as hard as they did today morning. It was torture, of the worst sort. I did contemplate taking a cold water shower but I felt like that was a bit much. I’m just happy I survived the onslaught of sleep.

A world without Wi-Fi is a scary one and my dependency on Wi-Fi scares me. Functioning on a hotspot is ok but there’s a reason you pay for Wi-Fi it’s because you don’t want to use the hotspot, or else no one would purchase a router. The inaccessibility of the company is more frustrating than the lack of Wi-Fi they make it sound like you’re the reason you don’t have internet and like you interrupted their day with your issue even though it’s a number that’s supposed to help you 24X7.

A world without Wi-Fi would be a very boring one. I know one shouldn’t be obsessed with the internet and that it isn’t healthy, etc. But Wi-Fi is the reason you’re able to do your work, read this blog and live your life in one spot. Nearly everything can be done via the internet. I think it’s a matter of habit. I only feel so incomplete without the Wi-Fi because I’ve become so used to a life with the Wi-Fi. I suppose if I don’t have Wi-Fi for a year I’ll soon adapt to a life without it, the fact that I have no interest in proving this thesis is an entirely different matter.

I’ve tried everything to keep myself awake and I just can’t shake the dullness off. I hate having to play the waiting game and usually, I am able to distract myself from the boredom but today I’ve been drawing too many blanks. Luckily I am not grumpy and angry, that would have not done anybody any good. As an adult, I feel incompetent that I am unable to keep myself occupied. This is what happens when you are so busy that when the work gets done your life becomes an abyss sans inspiration.

I would have been in much better shape if it weren’t for the Wi-Fi. It’s the one solution I can depend on to make the situation better, of all the days it had to be today but then again I don’t think I’d be okay if it was any other day either. You can’t have it all can you?


One thought on “Barely awake

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Nice thoughts about WiFi and internet. Keep writing.I used to think that smart phones, computers
    and TV will push humans to useless corners at offices or at homes. I thought if Lemarck’s theory of
    use and disuse is true in some sense then we will all get reduced to small sizes with just eyes and
    ears! On the other hand we will have technologies which are powerful enough to analyze our behaviour and guide us through our smart phones (hope they don’t force us), TVs and computers with the help us eat fit, stay fit and look as powerful and beautiful as we wish to! I am impressed by the way technology is helping us see better days if used well.


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