Just another corner

I’ve thought a lot today. My day started early in the morning, as I had to travel from one end of the city to another, for work. During the two-hour cab journey which turned into two and a half hours thanks to the traffic, I did a lot of thinking. The kind of thinking that feels like immersion, when the world around you dissolves into pillars of thoughts and emotions. That’s why I chose the above title for my post today. I spent an hour or so thinking of what the title should be before I opened this tab and began writing.

Every alternate day I write a post, and nearly every post on this blog has been written in this particular room, and in this particular chair. It’s safe to say that this room and this corner is my favourite in the house. Both in sentiment and geography this corner is the best. The window behind it is open which means there’s always a breeze blowing your way. It is perfectly in line with the TV which makes for the best view, the charging point is located nearby, ensuring you’re never out of power, the table means you can place the mug close by and serves as a place to keep your notebook as well.

This room in the house is a den-cum-work space. We congregate as a family in this room for meals and for some of the tougher conversations we have. When my mother and I watched a show on interior design, my mother said she’d happily volunteer this room for a make-over. I can see her point. My mother is known for keeping her house well, as a child, I remember being given death-glares for putting my feet up or for a spill. In this room though, we’ve all put our feet up on the chairs at some point.

It’s not messy per say but unlike the rest of the house, this room doesn’t follow the aesthetic my mother envisioned. There are too many wires, mismatched furniture, a guitar for some reason, a picture of my sister’s boat made of scraps which won first place and a framed glass painting made by yours truly, which is the only piece of my artwork which has got space on a wall, because I’m not artistically inclined. My parents are wonderful and always encouraged me, they even adopted a piece of wood I painted and placed it as a showpiece, except you’d have to look for days to spot it and the table runner that I made which even I hate is luckily placed under three piles of books.

This room even contains one of the worst pictures of me ever taken, it’s on an amusement park ride, where my Dad conveniently placed his twelve-year-old in the first seat, sat behind her and smiled as she held on for dear life. The picture captured my distraught expression and my hairband which had slipped over my eyes like a blindfold thanks to the wind. I wish they hadn’t put it up. Like the rest of the house, this room has books in every corner, because we’re all readers. It’s a family room, and when we’re home we spend more time here than in our bedrooms.

This room has come a long way, more than the rest of the house. We’ve fought in here, cried in here but this is also the room in which we’ve laughed the most in. This corner, in particular, has now got the acknowledgment from me that it always deserved. Today in the car, I thought long and hard about this corner. At the restaurant as I was reading I found myself wishing I could put my feet up as I would in this corner. I guess I’m happy I have this corner, it has served so many purposes. More than the corner I think this room has functioned in so many ways to make our lives better.

Now that I write this, I think to myself, I could have literally thought of anything else. This world throws things to think about at us every day but we being who we are choose to think about the most mundane things. But I can’t always think about the world every day, it’s taxing. I guess writing about a simple room gives me some air. I’m rather tired of thinking too much, I want to think about the mundane things. Especially because I was reading a rather serious novel today. I guess this room has also been like that for all four of us. When the world becomes too much when life becomes too much we sit here together and even in silence we slowly shed the weight.

Maybe I’m being too sentimental. But I think I’m writing about this because it makes me happy…….. Oh, actually, I realised why this room means so much to me, the Wi-Fi router happens to be in this room. Way to throw away the sentiment there. On that note, I am going to take your leave.


One thought on “Just another corner

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Beautiful description of the corner where you spend most of your time. Very soon, the technology which is pushing all of us into such corners with WiFi routers, TV serials and smartphones will also remind us of the law of nature to eat well, talk more, walk more and do more physical work to be more creative! Keep writing more.


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