I live in my own world, it’s no secret. I think we all do. We don’t really care what others think of it and every bit of us is generated from this world, everything we know and everything we do. I think the only people who constantly make others’ world theirs are politicians, but not really for the good. The rest of us are happy in Mytopia. Mytopia isn’t a myth, it isn’t filled with fluff and unicorns, it’s the world we created with limits, boundaries, and thoughts.

Maybe some after reading this will not get what I’m trying to say but for once abandon logic. Mytopia is that world where my mind tells me to speak my mind without consideration for propriety. It’s that place where I don’t have to cross my legs, mind what I have to wear, eat healthy, comb my hair and give the remote to my Dad. It’s not the best world but it works for me. I wouldn’t call it my ‘happy place’ because that would become ‘Utopia’, it’s the most realistic version of my life, more than what I am currently living.

In this world, the answer to, “What’s up?” will always be, “Nothing, you?” and the answer to, “How are you?” will always be, “Good.” There’s not much you can do about it. In Mytopia it’s slightly different, it’s honest. The reason why I talk about this is that my purview of knowledge falls short of the world in its entirety. I thought reading would make things easier, but things only became more complicated. I thought helping people will take the edge off of living, no it doesn’t, the more people you help the more you become aware that a lot of people need your help.

Advertisements and the government make it seem like you have the power to control your destiny and do great things with a simple choice. It sounds great in theory but it’s not the solution to anything. In Mytopia things aren’t unreasonable and emotions make sense. Mytopia is better not the best and that’s what we have to aspire for. A better world is achievable. Let’s not be pessimistic, if you change yourself you won’t change the world, but at least one in 7 billion would have made some progress.

Mytopia seems funny, and it is because it’s that strange place where structures are warped and so is time. I’m not trying to make it more complex than it is. I guess in Mytopia time isn’t running out, but one needs to chase it. Although, as the name suggests it’s what you want to make of it. As I travel around the city, I realise that I am setting physical boundaries to Mytopia, the world I have set foot around and everything else is either yet to be discovered or beyond Mytopia. I function out of Mytopia with my destiny as my partner on this strange journey of reconnaissance.

I guess the citizens of Mytopia are those who I have associated with, everyone else is part of the unknown or yet to be known. I like the comfort of Mytopia, made to fit my size, imperfect, weird and different. Everything in Mytopia is unique, unlike anything else you’ll see, habits you can’t fathom, where tradition is an inside joke and rules are gibberish. I am not trying to promote this world of mine, all I’m saying is that I lay claim over it. Everyone has their own Mytopia if you think you don’t have one think harder.

Humans are limited creatures, living off stolen futures, dreams, and opportunities. You know what your current world consists of, what you’ve seen, heard and lived, the rest you imagine or see through the window of internet, TV, and the travelling written word specifically in the language that you understand. We often think of the world as large, enormous and beyond our reach. The thing is it’s as big as your mind sees it. I see it as a speck in the universe. I’m sure my views don’t reflect everyone’s and that’s what makes Mytopia unique.

I have identified Mytopia, and how I want to live in it, who I want to welcome and who I don’t. I don’t say this as someone who’s tired and worn out, but as a child who just knows what he or she thinks they know and believes in it with unshakeable conviction. But it’s far from childish. Even if I live a hundred years, I know there are some places I’ll never see, some people I will never meet and lots of knowledge that I will never have the pleasure of learning. It sounds bleak but I have made peace with it. So Mytopia is my world and it’s possible in fact I am living in it right now. I have put on the music of my choice, opened my laptop and have turned the volume up high so as to drown out what I don’t want to hear. If this isn’t Mytopia I don’t know what it is.

Don’t confuse this with ignorance. Ignorance isn’t bliss. This is an acknowledgment of my incapabilities, that not everything is mine to call my own. If the world did belong to me, imagine how annoying and terrible it would have been? I shudder as I think about it. Not that today’s leaders are any better, actually come to think of it I might do a marginally better job than them. Maybe in 2019, people can vote in my name rather than choosing from a particularly disappointing pool of candidates.

P.S. This isn’t my campaign and even if it was, you’d much rather vote a melon into power than me.


One thought on “‘My’topia

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    There is a constant urge in all of us to discover laws of life for ourselves and society to lead a happy and meaningful life. As you know, Plato has done a good bit of thinking regarding a perfect world. I am glad your are reflecting on similar things to discover yourself. Continue writing and reflecting. Will help you in many ways to help you become a person whom everyone loves including yourself.
    “I guess in Mytopia time isn’t running out, but one needs to chase it. Although, as the name suggests it’s what you want to make of it.”


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