A sip of coke and a sip of tea

My newfound passions include the monumental drink Coca-Cola and a lovely fruit infusion tea. I cannot end the day without either these days. I am here writing this, sipping my tea and cursing my Wi-Fi. This post was originally supposed to be written at 7 tonight, but as Netflix is not an option right now I am trying not to think of ways to bash in the router. So the amazing lemon zest tea keeps me company during this delicate time. Do you understand the pain of not being able to finish a TV series because the Wi-Fi bailed on you? It’s worse than heartbreak. Anyway, the past few days haven’t been all that stressful.

I am happy it’s been inconsequential, although this week is going to become hectic fast. After today’s chat with the therapist, I’m not sure how much progress I’ve made. The session brought to light some difficult aspects of my past. It’s alright though, I can handle it. Lately, other things have occupied my mind, my work which is always fun and my family, all for good reasons. It’s an odd sort of weather right now, hence the coke and the tea, it’s hot during the day and starts to rain in the afternoon, so I need a coke when I get home and then when it cools down the tea comes in handy.

A lot of my thinking in the past week has happened over these two drinks. It might seem insignificant but it’s another one of my peculiar symbols. I don’t know about you but I always find it easier to think while I am drinking something. My thoughts become intense and more profound, I enjoy that. I usually need to note the thoughts down though because otherwise, all that thinking would only lead to forgetting and that would be a shame. I like to think that these drinks are keeping me afloat at the moment.

My colleagues definitely deserve a mention (not because they asked for it, which they did by the way) because they have definitely made work worth going to. Every day we spend four hours out of six laughing over everything we can possibly think of. Of course, the bonding has strengthened over the daily routine of finding a place to eat. The Biryani place near work deserves some credit. At work, I think less about the end of my gap year, the end of my depression, and the like. It feels like I have learnt to live in the present. I spend the day laughing over silly inside jokes and forgetting that I am at a place of work. It’s quite entertaining, and perhaps only the other three will relate to what I am saying here.

I come home to my parents who seem to have returned to some normalcy at their own workplaces. It’s been a much-needed change I suppose. I ponder life with my tea, just trying to mull over conversations with my therapist and making to-do lists with gusto. I open my laptop to google random things and these days it’s mostly Chinese and Korean actors, but that’s how my evening goes. I work out, I watch TV and I try and get prepared for another fun day of work. It seems less like a routine and more like a holiday. That for me is refreshing. That’s what I wanted out of this experience. In fact, I was wondering when my gap year was going to feel like this.

In the beginning, I was drinking coke just to hold on to an old part of me that loved coke, not really savouring the taste. Now bit by bit, it’s starting to taste like it did before. The tea has now become comfort food. For a coffee lover, this is big news. It’s been half-a-year now, month 6 and I am coming to terms with a lot of myself. It’s weird but I am starting to hope this gap year lasts a bit longer. We’ll deal with the end when we get there. For now, though, I am going to sip my coke, watch Nadal play his amazing game until Netflix finally reenters my life. Nadal is the next best thing to watch after Netflix, he is a demigod on court no kidding. I won’t jinx his game by saying too much though. Tomorrow I am going to go and laugh a bit more at work. I guess this is what is called a work-life balance, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s never been better.


One thought on “A sip of coke and a sip of tea

  1. PGP says:

    Thanks for sharing interesting thoughts about life.Cheer up more, laugh more,work more and life will be more fun! Is that the open secret?
    “Tomorrow I am going to go and laugh a bit more at work. I guess this is what is called a work-life balance, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s never been better.”


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