Of cats and other ramblings

Of late my encounter with cats has increased ten-fold. I don’t know what it is, are there so many cats? Or am I imagining them? I’m not a big cat person, but I am not an animal person either. It’s not that I dislike them, I am pretty sure they dislike me. It’s another thing that I don’t make myself too approachable. I have issues with being affectionate towards animals because I don’t think they can understand me. Every morning there’s a cat that sits on my window ledge making me feel uncomfortable in my own room every morning. Cats have this piercing gaze that feels like they can see your soul through you.

Of all the animals, cats are the ones who really carry themselves with a kind of style. It’s very hard for other animals to pull off the same attitude. I spent years watching National Geographic documentaries on lions, tigers, and other felines. I am in awe of them. This post is an ode to that cat which is still sitting on my window ledge as I write this. It watches me when I do my Yoga and even when I am singing in a tone-deaf manner in front of my mirror. I don’t know why this particular cat engages in this stalkerish behaviour.

Where I live there are many cats, and I’ve grown up with them, sometimes they would reside in our home as well. They’ve toppled our dustbins, spilt our milk, sometimes tearing open milk packets in the morning near our door, they’ve hidden under our beds and have even used one of our cartons as a maternity ward. Basically, they displayed typical cat-like behaviour. They’re the real gangsters in this part of town. Sometimes I have taken other routes around the house to my own front door just because they refused to move and sometimes arched their backs to threaten me.

You can’t really win against a cat, you just can’t. You have to let them do their own thing. Nowadays that cat has been a regular visitor to my window. It’s seen things I will never speak about in my life. It has seen that version of me waking up in the morning that will perhaps never make it to my Instagram feed and even if it ever does I’ll recommend viewer’s discretion. Yet that cat finds my existence fascinating. Now I wish it good morning, and when I return home good afternoon as well.

While doing Yoga though it’s distracting, but like other cats, this one is quiet. Have you noticed, unlike dogs cats save their voices for a showdown? They’re the epitome of actions speak louder than words. I am really jealous of their jumping skills, I’d like to land on my feet from a six-foot drop too, but I’d probably end up in a wheelchair from a stunt like that. The ledge I am talking about though is at least 10 feet high. Every morning it climbs that high to greet moi. The only other person I know who climbed that high to meet a girl who was immortalised at 14 was Romeo and even he is a fictional character. Should I consider this true love? I am really confused.

It’s not so much its existence but its presence that’s become a feature of my mornings. When I go down for breakfast it makes its way to the ledge on the ground floor. That animal knows my routine better than I do. Even though I can never show the cat love because I am not that big of a fan of animals it has still pinned its hopes on me and I think that the cat sees potential in me. I like animals when they’re nice to me. It’s the same with human beings. I don’t have different standards for human beings and animals. Animals are more intuitive than humans and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I know every day when I get back from work the cat will be waiting for me and it’ll give me that strange hypnotic look when I enter the room and make noise to catch its attention. It’s probably going to become an integral part of my gap year. I enjoy this particular cat’s company but I also know that like me one day it will lose interest in me and will move on to more fruitful things. For now, we’re friends. You start to make strange attachments to things like I am starting to make with this cat. I don’t feed it, I don’t spend time with it, I don’t even give it much attention. Yet it chooses my window every morning.

Sometimes when I am watching my TV shows it walks past my courtyard giving me a small nod, or maybe I’ve interpreted it as a nod. I nod back, and sometimes it’s nice. It’s a weird experience one that probably holds no meaning for my future or my life but it’s another memory and you really can’t have too many memories. We forget so much, so we should always have something to remember.



One thought on “Of cats and other ramblings

  1. Poonacha PG says:

    Ramblings can help in better understanding. Interesting life in the company of cats whom you may not like now. Thanks for sharing your sincere thoughts. I believe that every animal or plant longs for love and affection from humans. Keep writing. Cats also may feel the same way as you feel! “I like animals when they’re nice to me. It’s the same with human beings.”


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