Calling in sick

I am ill and there’s nothing to it. I went on a holiday, I enjoyed it, I really did. I came home with an itchy throat and now I’m down and out. I have been through countless tissue papers since the morning and am high on cough syrup. It’s not pleasant. I had to call in sick at work and that means right now I’m free as a bird but all I’m really doing is cursing my sinus. I hate being ill, and I don’t think anyone enjoys it. That’s saying something considering when I was five when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said I wanted to be a patient like being one constituted an actual profession. I think what I meant to say was that I’d like to be taken care of one day.

There are categories to illness. There’s the level of fevers and diseases that are painful and take a while to heal. There are those like headaches and other kinds of pains which are not too much of a bother but colds and coughs are a league of their own, they’re neither here nor there and even though they are terribly annoying you can’t complain about it because it’s not bad enough to fit in the category that deserves any sympathy.

I like to complain and when I’m sick more so than ever. Everything seems bleak, food is bland and doing things is completely out of the question. I know since I started this week sick, it’s probably not going to get much better. But this sickness has to go before the end of this week as the rest of my gap year depends on it. I cannot miss the first day of my something new just because of a damned cold. I should remind you we’re deep into the summer here in India and that means drinking hot stuff and having a cold is super annoying because you’re sweating but you’re forced to take sips of boiling water. All in all, things are looking quite pointless.

It’s unfortunate that my weekend was supposed to be my little vacation on the seaside, the picture for this post doesn’t ring true with the feelings expressed here. I was light and fluffy all weekend, except for some confrontations thanks to my loyalty to my ideology which of course rubs my family up the wrong way. It can’t be helped I am a product of my education I just have to hope one day I meet a person who shares that and can be deemed Prince Charming and I’ll be whisked away into a happily ever after of my own. Except for a few hiccups, this weekend was perfect.

Today though I feel like the travel caught up to me. Whenever I am sick I try to back-track wondering what I did wrong, and now I am regretting playing in the ocean and sitting under the full blast of the car’s air conditioning. Either way, I am here now in a big baggy shirt blowing raspberries into kitchen towel and it’s terrible. I am not proud of this, especially when you have much to do it’s not fun to be sick. I just have to hope tomorrow’s better than today. But I feel like it’s going to only get worse before it gets better, going by past experience.

I can only find comfort on my TV screen that is currently doing an excellent job of keeping my mind from my aches, pains and my red nose. I know I am squinting through teary eyes trying to check this post for errors in spelling and grammar but really all I am seeing is double. Luckily for me having stayed away from the TV for a while there were was much waiting for me, untouched collections of movies that were fresh out of the oven. Calling in sick is only fun for that one reason. Of course, I am eating extra spicy food just to be able to feel my tongue which is currently dead in all senses of the term and every time I swallow it’s like my throat yells, “Mercy!”

I just want to be able to breathe without phlegm and speak without croaking. I want to be able to think over my headache and not have to scramble for a tissue when I sneeze. (These are a few of my favourite things). Successfully my wish came true, yesterday I wished that this Monday somehow became a Sunday and now it has. The fact that I’ve survived this blog means I am still not out yet and that’s an achievement.

Honestly,  humans are discovering so many things day after day, inventing the most fantastic technology and having medical breakthroughs day after day. But for all of it, colds are still incurable. Why? I can never wrap my head around it. All those D-cold tablets and lozenges are all the progress that has been made on this front. There must be some solution but I guess colds are a way of reminding you that there are still unforeseen powers in nature that are way past our ability to comprehend, it’s a way I suppose to feel more human and less spoilt.


One thought on “Calling in sick

  1. PGP says:

    Wish you quick recovery in a week or 7 days,whichever is shorter! Thank God, common cold did not prevent you from writing your blog. Like your spirit and interesting thoughts about cold.
    “I know I am squinting through teary eyes trying to check this post for errors in spelling and grammar but really all I am seeing is double.”


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