Thank God for the weekend

Weekends are glorified more than they should be. When the week starts off on Monday, you think the weekend can’t come any faster. The relaxation you accumulate over the weekend is hard to shake off and get into the thick of things. Progressively through the week, your energy spikes up on Wednesday when you really start to feel like you’re on top of everything. On Friday you feel so close to the finish line, and somehow you build up the weekend in your head and make all these plans of fun and excitement. When the weekend does come around all you really want to do is stay in your bed and catch a few hours of sleep so that in the night you can watch movies into the early hours of the morning in the comfiest pyjamas you own.

For me, weekends don’t just signify a break but they signify good food and I think that’s what I look forward to. On the weekends when we have a little more time, Mum whips up some of the best dishes and makes the weekend special. Even on frustrated weekends in college when weekdays and weekends merged under humongous piles of unfinished work I would order something good, and the excuse? It’s the weekend. Obviously, I was too lazy to make my own good food. So now I have gotten into a habit of expecting scrumptious meals on weekends.

When they start off weekends feel long, two whole days seem like a lot of time in a 7-day week. But sometimes it goes by so fast, because of all the chores. In university, the weekend invariably marked laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, sorting, and organising. Between that and prepping for next week, there was no time to rejuvenate. The best thing about this gap year is that weekends feel like actual weekends.

Even during school, weekends felt like hours of homework without respite or attending boring family functions where the only people I got to hang out with were either twice my age or one-fifth my age. But if there was ever a class on Saturday I would have a fit, I’d feel cheated by the institution. Nothing feels worse than dragging yourself to school or university on a Saturday when no soul including the cleaner isn’t there to share in your misery, like education in its entirety isn’t worth a Saturday class of any sort. I’ll just go ahead and say it, if it weren’t for the weekend we’d all be soulless.

Nowadays my weekends go in watching movies, taking time to groom myself, do all the miscellaneous things that give me joy like marking out my next week’s calendar, making to-do lists, and organising things on my laptop because that gives me so much joy. For the first time, it involves going out too and actually enjoying it. I get time to do online shopping. Before online shopping got only five minutes of my attention when I desperately needed something and didn’t have time to make a choice mostly between classes or on the journey back home. Now I scroll for hours and I get so much joy. I have my plans chalked out for the weekend and for me an overthinker and someone prone to panic attacks this is the best a weekend can get.

I catch up on all the TV series I need to watch and make sure I have great conversations. I guess I like having a purely five-day work week. Maybe this is the upside of being an adult. Working means working on work days, or maybe it’s the nature of my work. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean I am not busy, the week is jam-packed and I go from day-to-day like a freight train. But the weekend is well-earned and is an opportunity to catch up to life. So yeah weekends feel more relaxed now. I have always been good at time management and take on more than is necessary, but now I am learning to limit myself, I don’t have to impress anyone with how much work I can take on. Instead, the strategy is to focus on quality rather than quantity and that is allowing me to enjoy what I do.

This particular weekend has been a rather lazy one, but I am quite enjoying laying back and the hours I have without looking at the clock and mentally checking off boxes, notebooks open all around me as I make notes, and a steady supply of unhealthy snacks. Good food, good people, sun, a bed and a Netflix account, are in a way all the ingredients for the perfect weekend. As plans for a bit of travel, catching up with some old friends form and some new prospects have come my way, I feel like I am adulting in the right way. The weekend always seemed like an urban legend. The kind that everyone has talked about but no one has ever experienced. I am glad I am experiencing some semblance of it.

I am constantly torn between wanting excitement and relaxation but I think what I really want is a balance between both. I am not extremely cool, and I wish I could tell you about my adventurous experiences that will have your pulse racing, I wish I had been around the world, etc. But I only have this to tell you, these mundane, everyday things, these small insignificant things that either give me joy or sadness. I have my ups and downs. This week by far has taught me a fair bit and I guess that’s all life is really about, it’s about learning. This weekend hasn’t yet come to an end and there’s still 10 and a half hours of my weekend to go. Whether my opinion of weekends will change drastically in this span of time is yet to be decided and I am open to the challenge.


One thought on “Thank God for the weekend

  1. PGP says:

    I wish to thank God for making you reflect so well about week ends in particular and life in general and share it with us! Keep writing more.


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