Summer rain

As it rains I sit here writing this, sipping on tea, to compliment rain. Rain is one of my pet peeves. Summer rain abruptly cut my playtime short when I was a child and I hated it, then it was my nemesis. When I grew up, rains meant traffic jams, water in my shoes and illness. Today though, the rain came as a relief against the hot summer that’s been sucking my soul dry every day. I have grown to love the thundering clouds and lightning skies, something my Mum, on the contrary, seems to dislike. But the thunder and lightning are really the best parts, as you watch the warring skies mesmerised by how those fluffy clouds suddenly turned into raging beasts.

As an insomniac, I found that rain can actually put me to sleep, and the raindrops sing me to sleep like no other lullaby. But of course, I am not one of those who appreciate the rain as an opportunity to get wet. Maybe that’s because my Mum didn’t like the idea of me trailing mud onto her carpets after stomping in puddles or it’s because whenever I was out in the rain even when completely dry I’d fall sick for no reason at all. So as an adult too I am not tempted to step out and dance in the rain. I can do without those shenanigans.

Summer this time has been particularly vengeful. It came out guns blazing, making puddles out of everyone. I was breaking out into angry sweat contemplating to make a home out of my refrigerator until seasons changed. The rain came just in time to rescue me and restore my body to a normal temperature. I know it’s a short-lived respite but I’ll take it over the scorching heat any day. It’s survival I guess and I can say that I have endured higher temperatures but it’s never easy involving a fair bit of swearing and ice.

Summers meant so much to me as a child, mostly because that was when school was out. It meant freedom, but as I got older summers stopped signifying holidays and it became just another season. I should have listened to my teachers who told us in school at the end of eleventh grade that it would be the last summer vacation we’d ever have and I should have listened. Instead, I spent that summer just lazing around the house bugging everybody because I wasn’t creative enough to enjoy it. Since then every summer I have had, I’ve either been applying to universities or doing internships and now it’s work. I have not had a solid two months of doing nothing since I turned 17. It’s a shame.

Life rained all over my parade. Summers are supposed to be that stress-free time when the sun’s out and it’s this huge rave party like thing that lasts until the end of July. Suddenly you wake up on a summer morning look at your to-do list and appreciate the heat and the season considerably less. All these songs keep playing on ‘Summer love’, ‘Summer fun’, etc. and it just fills me with so much pessimism. I realise these singers are targetting the clueless pre-teens and teens of the world who still have summers left to enjoy and change the song. I try to console myself with an ice cream and pretend like I have a summer to enjoy when really I could have bought that ice cream any other season just as well, which is rather disappointing.

You know you’re growing old when you start complaining about the heat and glaring at kids playing on the streets who have really done nothing wrong. Kids are the only people who can tolerate the heat. They’ll be playing in the sun with no caps on at three in the afternoon when it’s dangerously hot and they seem to enjoy it. I used to be like that. Now if I have to stand in the heat for two minutes, I behave as if I am enduring third-degree burns. I know my behaviour is pathetic but it’s the truth.

So when it rained today, I felt like there was a God above watching over me, the first time I believed in God outside of an exam hall. I wanted to run out on the streets like Archimedes screaming ‘Eureka’ except he had a reason to and I really don’t. For the first time in two months, we switched off the fan for 15 minutes…..then the rain stopped, it got hot again and we had to switch it on again. Yeah, it’s not that much of a success, but those 15 minutes felt like hours.

I know when the Monsoon comes I’ll find a reason to complain. I’ll write about it being wet, that everything’s grey and dull and that I miss the sun, yadda, yadda, yadda. But now it’s summer and I believe in living in the moment. Summer is a beautiful but harsh season, and I know it’s not all that bad. The summer songs are fun to dance if I have to be honest to and I get to wear the clothes that I like without being too cold or wet. When the rain comes to stay for a while I am pretty sure it’ll be an unwelcome guest. For now, it’s a boon and that’s what matters. The cold winds, the thunder, the lightning and the trees that somehow look greener all of a sudden fill me with a happiness I can only attempt to describe, washing away the heat and making every breath taken worth it. The only time I appreciate the Monsoon is during Summer and vice versa.



One thought on “Summer rain

  1. PGP says:

    Enjoyed reading. Keep writing more. I like your thoughts.”Kids are the only people who can tolerate the heat. They’ll be playing in the sun with no caps on at three in the afternoon when it’s dangerously hot and they seem to enjoy it.” If it rains during a hot day, they enjoy more! May be that is why A. Huxley says,”The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age,
    which means never losing your enthusiasm.” Is that the way to enjoy life well in all seasons and all times?


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