The Protagonist

By now having read all that I have written that too in the first person, your first thought would be that I am the protagonist of this lovely journey. The fact that that I am writing this post after coming so far especially when this should have been the starting point must give you a hint that this blog isn’t conventional and neither am I. I don’t think of myself as the protagonist of this story. I find myself a narrator. The protagonist could be anyone, no, seriously.

It could be my parents, carrying the weight of my world on their shoulders. It could be my friends silently watching as bystanders as things play out in the ring. Or it could be you? Reading this, coming to your own conclusions. The fact that this post comes now is not because I have nothing left to write about, but before we get to the real stuff, the darker parts of this journey, you should know who all are involved here.

I am not writing an emotional tale of recovery, knowing all the details, I am writing this as it comes, as things happen from one to another. Therefore you get a glimpse that is almost like a live-action film. Enjoy! I guess… But this isn’t only unique because it is me, and I am a very small part of this story. Depression is your protagonist. The silent anti-hero, that nobody is rooting for luckily. Sometimes the villain can be the protagonist. Imagine if Harry Potter were written from the Dementor’s point of view? Or Lord Voldemort?

We’re fighting the immortality of depression that this whole world has gone through at some point or another, for however long a period. People have shared their stories of depression with me and I feel privileged to be the one they want to tell, but what about those who don’t say a word, don’t even know what they’re going through? What about them? Depression is this gigantic mental illness that should be treated like a cold but spreads like Cancer. The protagonist could even be you and we shouldn’t shy away from it. Silence brought me back to speak about it. It’s interesting how only my perspective is seen here as I write this blog.

But couldn’t it be harder for those who have to take care of me? The doctor sees me as a patient and the world sees me as a number, 1 in 7 billion. I am seriously isnsignificant. But nobody deserves to think their life is worthless once they’re born. It wasn’t their choice right from the start. This depression will pass, but somebody else might catch it tomorrow, and that’s what this epidemic as I see it is about. That’s depression, it is the protagonist. It’s not seen as an epidemic because we treat it as if it should be kept ‘hush hush’ even now the words, “It’s all in your head” ring a bell.

We like to make jokes about it, use it in nearly every sentence, but don’t take it seriously enough. And, when someone goes through it, we don’t know what to say and what to do, we treat them either like our best friends or just pretenders who want attention. Depression is the real protagonist, and it can be cured just like Chickenpox or Tuberculosis. The number of lives those took created a scene and every country took it seriously and still does today. But depression is something we cannot be vaccinated for, therefore the government doesn’t care. It’s not seen as serious enough, even if people die or want to die. Something has got to change. Maybe it’s us.


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